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How many times have you compared yourself with someone else today? Seriously—see if you can count. Stuff, looks, popularity: we can’t help but notice all the things other people have that we don’t. In October, though, we’re going to focus on four things God has given to every single one of us.

Week 1: You have a past.

Week 2: You have today.

Week 3: You have a future.

Week 4: You have a family.


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We all love a little friendly competition. There’s something about being part of a team that makes us excited to root for “us” and against “them.” We’re often quick to see others as our enemies, but God invites us to see things differently. In November, we’ll explore the stories of Abraham, Jeremiah, Jonah, Isaiah, and others as we see how the big story of Scripture calls “us” to be for “them.”

Week 1: God is for you.

Week 2: We’re called to be for others.

Week 3: God is for our enemies.

Week 4: Jesus proves that God is for us.


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When you think of Christmas, you probably think about a time that is (hopefully) filled with gifts, food, family, and fun. But what happens when that event isn’t as joyful or peaceful as we wish it were? And is the event even what Christmas is about anyway? In December, we’ll discover what this season is truly about.

Week 1: Get ready to receive God’s gift.

Week 2: You can share God’s gift with others.

Week 3: God’s gifts can be surprising.

Week 4: The best gift is God’s presence.


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Whether it's on Instagram, YouTube, TV, or movies, we are constantly surrounded by “influencers.” In reality, though, we all influence others in one way or another, whether we mean to or not. We’re already influencers, but the question is What kind of influencers will we be? In January, we'll learn what real influencers look like.

Week 1: Knowing God is an adventure, not a formula.

Week 2: Relationships are a choice, not an accident.

Week 3: Your story is still in progress, not complete.

Week 4: You can change the world today, not someday.


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Whether it’s a journey to Mordor, the Upside Down, outer space, or wherever Forky ran off to this time, we all love a great adventure story. Maybe that’s because deep down, we know we’re designed to live an adventure story of our own, and with Jesus, we can. There is no greater adventure than the journey of knowing God more deeply, so in February, we’ll talk about four ways we can do just that.

Week 1: Knowing God is an adventure, not a formula.

Week 2: Relationships are a choice, not an accident.

Week 3: Your story is still in progress, not complete.

Week 4: You can change the world today, not someday.


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We were designed to ask questions. As toddlers, we constantly asked, “Why?” but as we get older, though, asking too many questions is often discouraged—especially when those questions are about our faith. In March, we’ll talk about how having questions (and even doubts) about God actually might not be as scary or as shameful as we thought.

Week 1: You’re not alone in your questions.

Week 2: God doesn’t shame us for our questions.

Week 3: Our questions don’t always get answered.

Week 4: Godly people can help us with our questions.


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You’ve probably heard of Jesus. You might even think you know a lot about him. We all have some idea of who we think Jesus is. We might think of him as a nice guy, a great teacher, a carpenter, or the guy who could walk on water, but who is Jesus really? In April, we’ll look at what other people have said about Jesus along with some key moments in Jesus’ life, ministry, and teaching.

Week 1: Jesus is God.

Week 2: Jesus is savior.

Week 3: Jesus is truth.

Week 4: Jesus is better than a best friend.


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No family is perfect—not even the ones that seem “normal” on the outside. No one truly has a “normal” family, and that’s okay! Sometimes it’s the most not-normal families that God uses to make the most not-normal difference in the world. In May, we’ll look at four imperfect and “atypical” families from Scripture.

Week 1: Not-so-typical families are often used by God.

Week 2: Not-so-typical families pray for each other.

Week 3: Not-so-typical families have tough conversations.

Week 4: Not-so-typical families forgive each other.


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Whether the cause is a radioactive spider bite or a nuclear explosion, every superhero has an origin story—a moment when they begin to discover how they're uniquely equipped to help save the world. You probably don't have the power of flight or the ability to shoot energy beams out of your fists, but in June, you'll see that you have the potential to help save the world too.

Week 1: Heroes embrace who God made them to be.

Week 2: Heroes care for the people in front of them.

Week 3: Heroes are stronger when they’re on a team.

Week 4: Heroes are heroic in ordinary moments.


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