Thank you for using your gifts to serve in our student ministry this year. It’s such a big deal, and I’m so grateful for you.

What's Happening

December 11
6–10 PM
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Let’s celebrate the holidays with a little fun, food, and friends! There’ll be games, presents, and zero meetings.

January 1
8 PM – 6 AM
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We’re kicking off 2020 with an all-night event designed to help students connect with their small groups, invite friends, have some fun, and hear a little bit about Jesus.

Tip of the Week

One of the best ways to combat envy is to cultivate gratitude. Take a few minutes to tell God, "Thank you," with this song by Maverick City Music featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Chandler Moore.

Question of the Week

If you were a parent dropping your kid off at our ministry for the first time, what would you think about it?