The Gist

This week, we’ll look at the spiritual habit of spending time with God—the first of our four spiritual habits.

The Point

Time with God grows your relationship with God.

The Bible

Mark 1:35; 6:46; Luke 5:16; 6:11–12; Matthew 14:13

The Conversation

  • Nail-biting, oversleeping, forgetting to wear deodorant... what's one of your bad habits?

  • Talk about a time you tried to start a new habit. How'd it go?

  • Have you ever tried spending time with God? What happened?

  • Why do you think it’s so hard to make a habit of spending time with God?

  • Talk about a time you felt really connected with God.

  • When it comes to spending time with God, what's one habit you’re going to work on developing this month? What's something you can do to motivate yourself or make it easier to develop your new habit?