The Gist

This week, we’ll look at the spiritual habit of sharing your story. When we understand God's part in our story and our part in God's, our faith will grow.

The Point

Sharing your story can grow your faith in God's story.

The Bible

Mark 5:1–20

The Conversation

  • If you could switch lives with any character from any story—TV show, movie, book, etc.—who would it be? Why?

  • Think about your life story so far. Now describe it in one word.

  • Talk about an event from your past that's shaped you or your faith.

  • Talk about one way you can see God working in or around you right now.

  • Talk about one thing you want to see God do in your life over the next year.

  • How can sharing our stories help us grow in our faith?

  • What's one thing you can do to get into the habit of sharing your story with others?